Brazilian keratin hair treatment is one of the revolutionary treatments that help you to have soft and smooth hair. Most importantly this treatment can provide you with straight and strong hair after the treatment. This treatment does not use any chemicals that will ruin or damage your hair instead it uses keratin in the treatment which is natural and very good for your hair.

The Brazilian keratin hair treatment is good for all types of hair whether it be chemically processed, damaged, curly, unmanageable, etc. So now after reading so much about the treatment you must be willing to go ahead with this treatment but wait after the treatment you need to take much care about certain things that you should know before selecting the treatment.

Things that you can do on first 4 days after the treatment:

You can keep your hair down for the first four days so that the product settles down well into your hair.

It may be times when hairs may be troubling you and again and again coming on your face, at this time you can make use of a silk scarf so keep it away from your face.

If at all your hairs become wet you can use a blow dryer or flatiron according to your requirement.

You can use a shampoo but it should not contain sodium chloride that is it should be sulfate free at all times when you ash your hair.

Things that you should not to for first 4 days after the treatment:

Do not tie your hairs in ponytails; even do not use a clip or hair bands.

If possible do not wash your hair for 4 days and also avoid putting sprays and gels.

Avoid putting your hair behind the ears.

Do not exercise as sweat can wet your hairs.

These are some things that you need to be careful after the treatment, this will help you to get an idea in before hand that what you will have to do once the treatment is done.