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"I am so excited with the way my hair came out and I am definitely planning on getting it again once my treatment ends. Thank you CoCo's!"

Name: Burta   Age: 49

"I was doubtful of the treatment before, but after having it done all I can say is 'WOW!' This treatment works amazingly and changed the shape of my hair completely. My results are beyond my expectations and I would love to get this treatment again in the near future."

Name: Teresa   Age: 34

"After getting the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, I feel like a completely different person, I feel absolutely gorgeous! It doesn't take too long, it is easy, and after four days you will feel like a million bucks! Recommended for anyone wanting the straightest hair possible, I give this treatment a 11/10!"

Name: Crystal   Age: 36

"My hair is amazing! I love it so much! I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone! I already told all of my friends to get it, it is the best thing for hair since the haircut!"

Name: Jenny  Age: 21

"This treatment makes hair extremely straight! The only negative thing about this treatment is the four days of nerve-wrecking carefulness when dealing with the hair, however, with the outcome, it is completely worth it! I am in love with my hair, and my husband is amazed at how a simple change to your hair can change your appearance for the better in such a big way.He thinks I am more beautiful than ever before!"

Name: Tiffany   Age: 28

"I love the keratin treatment because it doesn't use chemicals to straighten your hair but instead uses keratin, a natural protein, to coat and repair your hair to become perfectly straight. It completely changes my appearance for the better and I can't wait to redo my hair for another 3 months."

Name: Stacey  Age: 26

"With all of the different methods of hair straightening treatments, it is easy to understand why people would get confused, and even at times discouraged, from getting their hair straightened. Many of the treatments are actually bad for your hair, and others don't even work. However, with the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, I must say that this is the straightest my hair has been and will ever be. This treatment is by far the BEST I have ever used or seen. It is affordable, it is quick, it is easy and the outcome speaks for itself. I would HIGHLY recommend this treatment for anyone looking for a hair straightening treatment that works."

Name: Patricia  Age: 37

"This treatment WORKS! I am amazed at how straight my hair is! Everywhere I go people look at my hair in amazement at how straight it is! I love the outcome and the looks I get! I look great, my hair looks great and my wallet is still full! This treatment is cheap, fast and will make your hair look great, which in turn makes you feel great! Get it done!"

Name: Amber  Age: 24

"I decided to try this product just to see how it works, and I must say it is absolutely incredible. In all of my years of life, I have never seen a product that works so well. My hair became extremely straight and silky to a point where my grandchildren looked at me, stopped and asked, "Is that you grandma?" Of course, I was proud to say, "Yes!" My husband loves the way I look, he says my hair reminds him of the young days. He says, "the last time I saw your hair close to being this straight Carter was just ending his presidency!" I must say, I would recommend this treatment to any lady, young or old, looking for straight hair because it absolutely works!"

Name: Janine  Age: 67

"I used to be a firm believer in the "True beauty is on the inside" philosophy. After seeing the results from my Keratin treatment, I threw that philosophy out the window. I am amazed at how straight my hair turned out after the treatment; it truly is an amazement to marvel at. I have never witnessed such dramatic change from any product on the market. Prior to my treatment, my hair was downright terrible, containing frizzes, uncontrollable curls, dandruff and even split ends. After my decision to undergo the treatment, I must say the difference is absolutely jaw-dropping. After this transformation, I have acquired a confidence unlike anything I have ever had before. "Beauty is on the inside" is inapplicable in human life. I no longer believe in feeble-minded, "give everyone a chance" philosophies I used to follow, such as "True beauty is on the inside", because I have witnessed and experienced first-hand how beauty is actually in the eye of the beholder, and I find myself gorgeous."

Name: Beatris  Age: 32