Brazilian straightener is quite different from that of the other chemical relaxers or striaghteners available in the market today. This treatment is actually a temporary treatment and not a permanent one, but then the best thing about it is that it is workable on types of the hair, irrespective of how damaged hair you have. Therefore Brazilian hair treatment is the one through which you can get rid of frizzy, unruly and unmanageable hair that you posses. An excellent thing about this treatment is that it best workable on highest damaged hair. Damaged hair actually refers to the hairs that are colored, bleached, etc.

Brazilian straightener is a treatment that comprises of the product which is used to mild chemical solution called as keratin. At the time of application this chemical sticks to the cuticle and does not get into the cortex. This is where the keratin chemical does its work of moisturizing, conditioning, and reconstructing the hair. The result of this treatment is that you can have a new look of shiny, healthy and good looking, manageable hair.

This process of application and result will take nothing less than one or two hours. It also depends upon the length of the hair. This result will stay intact for anything like four to five months. But then again it depends upon the hair growth whether it is fast or slow with which this effect will slowly get off from the hair.

One of the factors that make Brazilian straightener i system so impressive is the Keratin. Keratin is a natural substance which repairs the hair by entering into the roots and then also prevents further damaging of the hair. So if you want to free your self from unhealthy curly then this is the best solution. It will make you look more beautiful with silky strong hair.