There has been a hair straightening treatment in US called as Japanese hair straightening. This treatment is also known as thermal reconditioning, Magic straight, Bio Ionic Straightening and Yuko system. From the name it is clearly understood that the treatment is originated from Japan. This treatment aims at providing permanent straight hair as compared to the ones that you use in the homes to straight your hairs. The effect of this treatment last for around six months after which you will be required to go for the treatment again due to the growth of the hair.

This treatment does not go well for all hair and therefore you need to be careful before getting treated. The treatment does not work well on more delicate African hair, hair that is badly damaged and hair that is very much breaking and falling. The treatment is very expensive if you try out big salons for this treatment. Japanese hair straightening treatment requires about four to five hours of treatment.

If you are going ahead with Japanese hair straightening treatment there are certain tips that you need to follow. Most importantly visit the website of the salons providing you this treatment and ask about what products they will be using on your hair. After this visit their salons personally and fully enquire. Also ensure the stylist that is treating you is well experienced and look for the photos of the previous customers. If possible try to speak to the previous customer whether the treatment is really effective or not.

Once you decide up on getting Japanese hair straitening treatment done, your hair will be treated for almost 6 hours of chemical and heat treatment. After the treatment you will be advised with after care that you will have to take. The Japanese hair straightening treatments can give you amazing results.