Permanent hair straightening has become very popular today among girls. The technology was first invented in Japan as the women there are very fond of straight hairs. The treatment was called as Japanese hair straightening; however there are other name to this treatment like ionic retexturizing, Japanese straight perm, thermal reconditioning, rebonding and many more.

This is a very effective way to straighten hair which makes the hair smooth and silky. It is a best treatment for curly and wavy hairs. It is called a permanent hair straightening but when there is a growth in the hair you will have to again undergo the treatment. This treatment is not workable on African hairs, but instead best for Asian or Caucasian. This treatment also does not work on hair on which relaxer are used as after the treatment you will have hair break down.

When you go for this permanent hair straightening you must inform your stylist if at all you had bleached, colored or highlighted the hair. Or else you can ask your stylist to have a strand test. The treatment might take around four to six hours to straighten up your hair. After done the treatment it will have its effect on your hair for around six to nine months and it also depends upon the growth of your hair. So take Japanese permanent hair straightening and make your hair straight.

The treatment is good but not for all and have some drawbacks so people do not prefer this treatment much. But one of the treatments which also make your hair straighten is Brazilian hair straightening. The best thing about this treatment is that uses a natural substance to straighten your hair that is keratin. The use of this substance does not spoil or damage your hair but instead of that makes your hair smooth, straight, silky and manageable.