Have you heard about Brazilian Straightening? If no, it is a new type of hair straightening treatment that converts your fizzy, wavy and curly hair into straight, smooth and shinny hair. This treatment is becoming more popular these days.

Brazilian straightening treatment is recommended for hair that is virgin, colored, highlighted, previously straitened, etc. But this treatment is very effective on colored and chemically processed hair.

The best thing about Brazilian straightening is that it does not use any strong chemicals that will ruin your hairs. At the time of the straitening the treatment does not close the hair cuticle, as the usual methods of Straightening does that and due to this the hair breaks. This treatment being keratin oriented does the opposite that is it does not allow hair to break up.

Keratin is a natural substance containing protein in it and so when it penetrates in the hair repairs the integral damage. The keratin content in Brazilian straightening forms a cat in the hair that prevents the hair from further damage. It actually makes the hair elastic, insoluble and tough.

Making the use of this treatment you can get your curly hairs transformed into straight in less than two hours but then it also depends upon the length of your hair. The effect of Brazilian straightening remains for nearly four months.

For getting Brazilian straightening treatment done on to your hair , you will have to first look out for the salons offering you this treatment. After that look out as to what products are they using for this treatment. The best preferred these days are the chocolate products for Brazilian straightening. Mostly this treatment is used by the salons. Another thing that you must watch out for is that the person performing this treatment has a very good experience.