Brazilian Keratin Straightening is a long term blow drying system that lasts about 10 weeks. It is designed for people who have curly or frizzy hair and doesn’t use any chemical treatments; in fact it will help to repair your hair!

Brazilian Keratin Straightening is safe for use on colored hair and the reason that it will help to repair your hair is due to the fact that the main component is keratin protein, which is found in the hair. The effects of Brazilian Keratin Straightening will generally wash out in two to three months depending on how porous your hair was before the treatment took place.

As with all treatments that you have done on your hair you should visit your salon before hand for a consultant appointment with your stylist to discuss everything that is going to be carried out on your hair. The reason that this is so important is to ensure that the treatment you have done to your hair won’t damage it. Even though with the Brazilian Keratin Straightening it can pretty much be performed on any type of hair I would still recommend that you book an appointment with your stylist to discuss it before hand so that you can go over everything that will happen on the day as well as everything that you can and can’t do to your hair once you have had the treatment performed. This way you are fully aware of any implications that may affect your hair and will ensure that you don’t do anything to your hair that could damage the Brazilian Keratin Straightening treatment.

When you arrive at the salon on the day of your appointment you will remain in there for around two hours while the process is being performed, which isn’t bad at all considering that most of us spend about an hour just having a cut and blow dry. Once the treatment has been performed your stylist will more than likely go over the procedure for caring for your hair again.

Unlike other straightening treatments, such as the Japanese straightening treatment, the Brazilian Keratin Straightening is cheaper and you can have it done on treated, colored and damaged hair; basically the more damaged your hair is the longer the straightening effect will last.

The Brazilian Keratin Straightening process can be broken down into the following:

- Your hair is shampooed but no conditioner is used as the product itself consists of keratin
- The hair is segregated into four neat sections
- The solution is applied at the scalp and then combed well so that the solution spreads throughout the hair
- After one section has been done, the hair is clipped and the next section is started When the product has been applied to every part of your head, blow-dry your hair, beginning from the nape
- The last step consists of flat ironing the four subsections properly

The produce that is used on your hair contains what is known as Keratin, which will crystallize and coat the hair shaft, sealing in shine and keeping out moisture/frizz. It makes damaged hair look healthy again.

After the process, you cannot wash your hair for four days. Also, you should not use any product (particularly shampoo) with sodium Chloride, as that will eat through the coating provided by the Keratin. If your hair does become wet during these four days it is essential that you blow dry it straight away.

Once applied the chemical sits on the cuticle, not penetrating into the cortex which allows the keratin to work at its best and condition, moisturize and reconstruct your hair, leaving it looking shiny, soft and more manageable.